Anjana Rajan

"Natyavedam namaamyaham"
"I pay homage to the fith veda, the art of theatre."

Anjana Rajan is a Bharatanatyam dancer and teacher, a choreographer a theatre practitioner, and a writer. She began her Bharatanatyam training in Geneva, Switzerland, as a schoolgirl. Here her teachers included Smt. Rajamani Mohan and Smt. Padmini Durr among others. A keen desire to understand the culture of her own country led her to Kalakshetra, Chennai, as soon as she completed her schooling in Geneva. At Kalakshetra she had the good fortune of coming into contact with the institute’s legendary founder, Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale, and other iconic gurus who influenced her deeply.

Besides performing as a soloist and ensemble member, she also conducts Bharatanatyam classes and workshops for children and adults. Her articles on the classical arts and artists appear regularly in English language publications. Her interests come together in her Bharatanatyam interpretations of poetry in Hindi and other languages, as well as in the dance theatre productions she has choreographed and appeared in. Some of these productions attempt to recreate the ancient Sanskrit theatre technique or natya. These productions have been in Hindi, Sanskrit and English.

During workshops for theatre practitioners, Anjana works towards introducing young artists to classical Indian views of the body and dramatic expression, and to weave this knowledge into a language of movement based on classical dance techniques. She has been a member of the visiting faculty of the National School of Drama and the Shri Ram Centre, New Delhi, for over a decade.Currently she is a trustee and volunteer teacher at Sadhana Sanskriti Pratishthan, Sahibabad, a cultural organisation founded by her father. She has directed Sadhana’s performance unit in a number of L.M. Thapalyal’s Hindi plays.

Anjana is a firm believer in the value of arts in academic education and social wellbeing. She has been invited by Delhi's State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT), the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) as a committee member during syllabus development and art-integrated learning projects.

She has written on performing arts and artists, with a focus on India's classical dance and music forms, for over 15 years. Since the late 1990s, her articles have appeared in a number of English language publications, including The Pioneer, The Statesman, Horizon (journal of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations), Confluence and Pulse Dance. For nearly thirteen years she was a member of the features team of The Hindu, New Delhi. In April 2015 she relinquished the post of Deputy Editor at The Hindu so that she could immerse herself more fully in the theatre arts. She is an A-grade artist of Doordarshan and empanelled with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.


Selected Works


Shakespeare’s “Richard II” by students of National School of Drama (2015). Directed by K.S. Rajendran

Bhavabhuti’s “Uttararamacharitam” (2012, 2013) by Natya Shastra Anusandhan Kendra. Produced during the course of a month-long workshop co-directed by K.S. Rajendran and Anjana Rajan)

H.S. Shiva Prakash’s "Madhavi" in English (2009) by New Delhi Theatre Workshop, Directed by K.S. Rajendran.

"Vikramorvashiyam" in Hindi by students of the National School of Drama (2008), Directed by K.S. Rajendran


“Vikramorvashiyam” in Sanskrit, based on Kalidasa’s original text (2011, 2012, 2013). These productions combine the use of classical dance movements and expressive techniques with spoken Sanskrit dialogues, music and other tools of the stage. Directed by K.S. Rajendran

Stage adaptation of Krishna Sobti’s Hindi novel “Daar Se Bichhudi” (premiered in 2010, followed by shows in 2010, 2011, extract 2015), Co-directed with K.S. Rajendran.


L.M. Thapalyal’s “Dhakar Party”, a political satire in Hindi verse, presented by Sadhana Sanskriti Pratishthan (2013 and ’14).


Performed by Sadhana Natya Kala Kendra (performance unit of Sadhana Sanskriti Pratishthan, Sahibabad)

“Alag Alag Raahen” (2012, 2013, 2014. Playwright: Lalit Mohan Thapalyal)

“Swapna aur Satya” (2013, 2015. Playwright: Lalit Mohan Thapalyal)

“Jhamela” (2014. Playwright: Lalit Mohan Thapalyal)

“Lapataa ki Talaash” (2016. Playwright: Lalit Mohan Thapalyal)

“Kathputli” (2008. Playwright: Lalit Mohan Thapalyal)

CHILDREN’S PRODUCTIONS (As director/choreographer)

“Jungal Desh Hamara” (musical play on the environment by L.M. Thapalyal)

“Adhura Lekh” (a play on corruption in everyday life by L.M. Thapalyal)

“Shabaash Doston” (based on a story from Hitopadesh by L.M. Thapalyal)

“Sone ka Kangan” (Hindi play by L.M. Thapalyal)

Jadoo ka Dweep (play by L.M. Thapalyal)

Jadoo ka Dweep (bilingual version, combining L.M. Thapalyal’s original English play “The Magic Island” with his Hindi translation, “Jadoo ka Dweep”)

“Ekta ki Udaan” (based on Panchatantra tale, script by Vikrant Sharma)


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