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Ramesh bhai: Grass root Gandhian activist
आलेख:P.Maruthi, Gandhian Integrated Forum Trust

To me

Ramesh Bhai is the synonym to Brotherhood.

Ramesh Bhai is an example for simplicity and humbleness.

Ramesh Bhai is known for his kindness and helping nature

Ramesh Bhai is an intellect and disciplined rare to see both in one.

Ramesh Bhai is noble in thoughts and also in actions. Again it is rare to see this type of synchronization.

Ramesh Bhai to Youth- is a Gandhian, Who have not seen Gandhiji, can imagine Gandhiji, after seeing Ramesh Bhai.

It is said:- If any one approaches Gandhiji for clarification on what Gandhiji said, Gandhiji used to say go to Vinoba for Clarification.

If any one approaches Vinobaj for clarification on VinobaJi said Vinobaji used to say go to Nirmala for clarification.

If anyone approach Nirmaldidi for clarification on what Nirmala Didi said, Nirmala Didi used to say contact Ramesh Bhai.

This was the wave length of these great people, in understanding, propagating and following Gandhian ideals.

Though we miss, Ramesh Bhai physically, his spirit remain not only with us, but with thousands of Grass root Gandhian activists.